Our Cleaning Process

Dry Cleaning

A typical dry cleaning wash cycle should last for 8–15 minutes depending on the type of garments and degree of soiling. Many cleaners only have one or two dry cleaning machines. In order to cut the cost of solvents and labor, many cleaners will cut the wash cycles down to 3-5 minutes but we do not.

During the first three minutes, solvent-soluble soils dissolve into perchloroethylene and loose, insoluble soil comes off. It takes approximately ten to twelve minutes after the loose soil has come off to remove the ground-in insoluble soil from garments. This is like washing your hands with dirty water. By cutting down on the time available for your clothes to get thoroughly cleaned, other cleaners are not allowing the solvent to complete the dry cleaning process.

This is why we have 3 Dry Cleaning machines; a “light” 60lb machine, a “dark” 90lb machine and a “delicate” 60lb machine. We use additives such as Fresh Text, a garment deodorizer to aid in odor removal. We also add Sizing, which is a type of finish used to restore shape, body and texture to a fabric. We use a Detergent to help carry out water based stains and to suspend soil after it has been removed from the fabric. These are additional additives that most drycleaners do not choose to use as it will increase costs to the dry cleaning process. We use these additives to ensure that you receive the best possible dry cleaning results that we can provide. All garments are then pressed on state of the art pressing equipment. Each order is then inspected for quality and assembled to ensure that all of our customers are receiving the cleanest, freshest clothing.

Laundry Services

We don't cut corners! We have formulated our unique overnight shirt soaking process which allows us to give you the whitest shirts possible because we are extracting the soils from your shirts overnight with less agitation and no collar and cuff scrubbing. This will help aide in lengthening the life span of your shirt. We have two 60 lb washer extractors that are used to launder your washable goods. Our state of the art equipment ensures that your garments are well taken care of. Our washers automatically inject grease fighting additives & sour which is a product used to level the pH of the water. This is a very crucial step which some cleaners skip due to the cost. If the pH is not leveled then some people might have a burning sensation from their shirt due to the pH being too high. We use a special formulated shirt laundry soap manufactured by EcoLab. We use pure corn starch rather than synthetic starch. Each starch bath is cooked with steam and water and then is injected into the washer automatically to ensure your starch is consistent each and every visit. Your shirts are pressed on our Sankosha equipment and then hand finished. We strive to check each and every button and as always replace any broken buttons free of charge.


At Legend Cleaners we take extra special care of all your household goods. You can feel comfortable leaving them for us to clean. Our staff is educated and they know what items need to be laundered and what items need to be dry cleaned. We have three dry cleaning machines and two commercial washers which allows us to process your items separately. Each comforter is dry cleaned or laundered separately to ensure proper cleaning and drying.

Special Handling

Not every garment can be processed in the same manner. There are a variety of garments that require special handling. For example, a garment that has special trim may require special care. Because of this special care required to handle your goods there is a small surcharge required on all special handling garments. Depending on the variables of the garment we will either hand wash or dry clean your garment. All special handling dry cleaned goods are cleaned on a delicate cycle different from our standard dry cleaning cycle. Our staff is trained to take the utmost care to handle your specialty goods.