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4 small touches to help your guests feel welcome

Household Dry Cleaning

It’s a beautiful time of year to visit Phoenix! If you’ve got family coming into town for the holidays, we’ve got a few tips to make your home their favorite place to stay.

Stock up on toiletries.

Sometimes it’s the everyday items that are the easiest to forget. In addition to having extra toilet paper on hand, consider providing shampoo, conditioner, soap and even a new toothbrush. Place these items in an easy to find area in your guest space so they know it’s meant for them if they didn’t bring it.

Have the wifi password handy.

In addition to the wifi, it may be nice to write down for guests when you usually wake up in the morning and a few of the best places to eat nearby. Having it written down will save you from repeating yourself.

Have snacks on hand.

You may not want to feel responsible to feed your guests every meal but having some small snacks on hand in their room is a nice touch for late-night snackers. Ask them ahead of time what snacks are their favorite.

Make sure the linens are clean.

There’s nothing worse than arriving to a hotel that has dirty linens. Your home may not be a hotel, but it’s easy to make sure bedding and towels are fresh and clean for guests. You can send all your laundry and dry cleaning items to Legend Cleaners. Feeling low on time? Just take advantage of our free pickup and delivery and we’ll have them back at your door in no time.

Legend Dry Cleaners has been serving the community of Ahwatukee since 1999, and has expanded into the Phoenix communities of Chandler, Maricopa, Mesa, Tempe and coming soon to Gilbert! We offer exceptional eco-friendly dry cleaning, laundry, wash/dry/fold, wedding dress & gown cleaning, and alterations in Arizona. Our East Valley locations have free pickup & delivery and 24-hour drop boxes. For more information call: (480) 460-5343

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Thank you for the article about cleaning the bed skirts. I never thought about that because you have to lift the mattress to get it off, and sometimes that’s hard to do. But I know it does collect dust. Also thank you for the comment about the vinegar in the washing machine. I did not know that about the clothing. Also, it only makes sense to clean your washing machine, because it is cleaning clothes all the time. How about that I learned some things today. LOL

I did not know you did alterations. Do you do them in Maricopa?

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