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As Weather Heats Up, Let Us Come to You

pick up and delivery

Spring weather has finally arrived in Phoenix but we all know it won’t last long. When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is spend time in the car running endless errands. That’s why we are proud to offer free pickup and delivery to make getting your dry cleaning done easy!

Time Saving

When your schedule is packed, it can be difficult to squeeze one more errand into the day. How many times have you grabbed some items for dry cleaning and then drove with them in your car for a day or two before you were able to make the stop?
With pick up and delivery service you get to choose where your driver picks up your items and where they are dropped off. Simply leave them outside and we will do the driving for you and deliver them back to the location most convenient for you.
We also deliver your clothes folded and pressed which is a huge time saver. No more piles of laundry waiting to be folded–we’ve done the job for you!

Money Saving

Gas prices are continuing to rise in the Phoenix area! Save yourself the gas money by letting us do the driving for you. When we are the ones doing your laundry you will also be saving on the water and electricity you would have used by doing it at home.

Professional Service

No need to worry about reading tags and studying washing methods. The experts at Legend Cleaners know all the tips and tricks to ensure your clothes and household items come out looking perfect each time

free pickup and delivery: We make taking advantage of this service easy. 

You can download our app or give us a call at 480-937-2000 to schedule your service.

Leave your items at the designated address by 8 a.m. the day of your service. You don’t need to be present when the items are picked up.

We will return the items to you folded, pressed and squeaky clean in two days.

Schedule your service today!

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