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Best Fabrics for Summer Heat

Best Fabrics for summer

When summer heat hits it’s important to dress for the occasion. It’s not enough to wear short sleeves, you want fabric that breathes to keep you cool and also protected from the sun. Here are some of the best fabrics to choose for your summer wardrobe:

#1 Best Fabrics for summer: Cotton

Cotton is a classic and affordable choice for fabric. It’s soft and light and does a great job of soaking up sweat, allowing your body to cool down. One downside to this is cotton may hold onto sweat longer than you like so if you are sweating heavily the fabric can become heavy and wet. The good news is cotton is easy to wash, so you can usually get rid of any sweat stains. Cotton is a very versatile fabric so you can find cotton pieces in many different styles but it is important to note that cotton easily wrinkles and may require ironing.

#2 Best Fabrics for summer: RAyon

Rayon is a mixture of cotton and other fibers and it’s a natural choice for a lot of summer fabrics and sports wear. It’s very thin so it breathes well and won’t stick to your body like cotton might. The only downside to Rayon is it may shrink in hot water. For this reason it is recommended to have your rayon items hand washed or dry cleaned.

#3 Best Fabrics for summer: Linen

Linen is a very classic choice for the summer. It’s lightweight and loosely woven which allows it to dry quickly. Linen, like cotton, does tend to be a bit stiff which means it wrinkle easily but it won’t stick to sweaty skin. 

#4 Best Fabrics for summer: Chambray

Chambray has the appearance of denim but without the heaviness. It’s light weight and breathable and feels like cotton. Chambray is a great look for summer!

#5 Best Fabrics for summer: Polyester & Nylon

Polyester and nylon are popular choices for gymwear and a great choice for summer. The fabric is made of plastic and not only wicks sweat away but moves it away from the body, keeping the fabric lightweight and allowing it to dry quickly. Nylon tends to be stretchier than polyester but both fabrics are durable and easy to clean.

#6 Best Fabrics for summer: Silk

When you need to dress up for an event or business during the summer, silk is a great choice. It is very breathable, lightweight and elegant. Silk does tend to hold onto sweat stains so if you do opt for silk this summer be sure and have your items professionally cleaned to preserve the look for longer.

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