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Celebrate the new year with a clean home: $10 off household dry cleaning

No matter how clean you try to keep your home, bacteria and germs will always find their way in. Most of the time our bodies can handle the thousands of germs we come in contact with each day but with so much sickness going around, it’s never a bad idea to do some extra cleaning.

If your goal this year is to live a healthier life, there’s no better place to start than in your home. We’ve done some digging and have come up with a quick list of the spots you should start with to protect your family.

Tip #1: Knobs

Whether it’s a door knob or a knob to turn on an appliance, chances are it is touched often and cleaned too little. It’s easy to forget to wipe off the knobs in your home when your focus is cleaning up clutter or wiping down large surfaces but these little knobs collect a lot of germs. Wipe them down with a small amount of diluted bleach or your favorite household cleaner.

Tip #2: Toothbrush holder

You may remember to change your toothbrush often, but when was the last time you cleaned the toothbrush holder? They are often close to the toilet, which leaves them open to germs transferred during a flush and they also collect spit and water leftover from your toothbrush. It’s a good idea to give your toothbrush holder a good cleaning on a weekly basis.

Tip #3: Kitchen sponge

You’ve probably heard this one before. You kitchen sponge is used to daily to scrub away food and grime but tiny pieces of each thing it touches are left in the fibers, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. A sponge that can go in the dishwasher or washing machine is a good alternative but at the very least you should change out your kitchen sponge often.

Tip #4: Washing machine

Have you ever washed your clothes only to have them smell stinky at the end of the cycle? It may be due to bacteria left in your machine. If a machine does not dry out between each cycle, the warm moisture can cause a lot of problems. Be sure and run an empty cycle with bleach on a monthly or twice a month basis. If you have a front loading machine it is also a good idea to wipe down the inside of the door after each load.

Tip #5: Pet bowls and toys

We clean our own dishes after each use but how often does your pet’s dish get washed? NSF International has found it is one of the germiest places in your home. If your pet’s dish is full of germs, their toys are as well. Toys are constantly being dragged outdoors and then all over the house. Protect yourself by throwing them in the washing machine from time to time.

Tip #6: Bedding

No one likes to think about the sweat and dirt that are transferred to your bedding while you sleep. Yuck! Even duvets and comforters that may not directly touch skin collect dust from around the home. Sheets and pillow cases should be washed on a weekly basis but comforters, duvets, bed skirts and curtains should also be cleaned at least quarterly.

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