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Hit a homerun with clean baseball gear

Celebrating after a casual softball game

It is officially the start of baseball season in Arizona. Whether you’re playing the game or watching for the sidelines, it’s always nice to feel clean and comfortable in your gear. 

If you’re playing the game, or have a child playing baseball, you know the uniform sees a lot of dirt and grass. While these stains may be difficult, baseball uniforms are designed to stand up to some wear and tear.

To treat stains on a baseball uniform simply apply your favorite stain remover, give it a light scrub and then throw it in your washing machine with cold water. If the stain has not disappeared by the end of the cycle, try this process one more time before putting it in the dryer.

Baseball caps take a little more effort to keep clean, though they do get just as dirty as the uniform. Most stains on baseball caps are the result of sweat which when combined with oils in the skin and hair can be unsightly. 

To clean your cap it’s always a good idea to check what it is made of first. Some vintage hats are made with a cardboard brim which can make cleaning them very difficult. If you hat is newer, it is likely made with a plastic brim which can handle being placed in water.

To check, simply flick the brim with a finger. If it makes a hollow sound, it may be made of cardboard. Use caution when cleaning.

You can clean a hat with a plastic brim one of three ways. 

Hand wash:

The first way is to fill a sink with cold water. Scrub some mild detergent along the brim of your hat and then dunk it in the water. Allow it to soak for a few minutes, then agitate the water gently to help further break up any dirt or grime.  Remove the hat from the water, shape it and allow it to air dry.

Machine wash:

Place your hat in a mesh bag and throw it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. The bag protects the hat from too much agitation that might loosen seams. When the cycle is done, air dry your hat.

Dry clean:

The experts at Legend Cleaners are happy to help get all your baseball gear looking fresh and new. If you have a hat you’re nervous about washing on your own, bring it in for a cleaning and let the pros handle it!

Legend Dry Cleaners has been serving the community of Ahwatukee since 1999, and has expanded into the Phoenix communities of Chandler, Maricopa, Mesa, Tempe and Gilbert! We offer exceptional eco-friendly dry cleaning, laundry, wash/dry/fold, wedding dress & gown cleaning, and alterations in Arizona. Our East Valley locations have free pickup & delivery and 24-hour drop boxes. For more information call: (480) 460-5343

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