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How much time do you spend doing laundry?

Wash and fold services

Laundry is not an enjoyable chore for most people, but have you ever sat down and considered how long it actually takes? You spend time sorting darks from whites—5 minutes. Then you start the washing machine and it runs for anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour—60 minutes. Then it needs to be moved to the dryer—5 minutes. A dryer may take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour, or even more if the fabric is dense—45 minutes. Folding and putting away will add another 20 minutes on to your time. Conservatively it takes about 2 hours and that’s just one load of laundry! As water efficiency improves some washing machines may take even longer.

If you’re looking to free up a little more time this summer, we have a few tips that may shave off some time from your laundry routine.

Get a sorted hamper

It’s not much, but having your family members sort darks from whites the moment they take them off can save you a few minutes later on. If you have the option you may even choose to separate loads further into delicate fabrics and heavier fabrics.

Choose the right wash cycle.

Most newer washing machines give you options when it comes to washing your clothes. You might be able to save some time by choosing a “quick wash” for lightly-soiled clothes. You should also pay attention to the size of the load you’re doing and the settings on your machine. Adding too much soap, or choosing a larger load setting can add unnecessary time to your cycle.

Choose the right drying time.

Light fabrics that are marked delicate can usually be dried quickly. Heavier fabrics like towels can takes hours to be fully dried. It’s frustrating to wait an hour for a load to dry only to find it still damp.

Don’t overload your machine.

You may be trying to save time by piling all your clothes into the same load but when clothes are packed in tight it actually takes longer for your machine to wash and dry.

Call Legend Cleaners!

We are happy to take this job off your hands. Just pack your clothes up, schedule a free pick up and allow us to return your clothes to you washed, dried and folded. You can even request same-day service!

Legend Dry Cleaners has been serving the community of Ahwatukee since 1999, and has expanded into the Phoenix communities of Chandler, Maricopa, Mesa, Tempe and coming soon to Gilbert! We offer exceptional eco-friendly dry cleaning, laundry, wash/dry/fold, wedding dress & gown cleaning, and alterations in Arizona. Our East Valley locations have free pickup & delivery and 24-hour drop boxes. For more information call: (480) 460-5343

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