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Keep Your Summer Comfortable – How to Care for Beach Towels

how to care for beach towels

If you are spending endless summer days by the pool or on the beach, you know how essential your beach towels are. It’s easy to throw them in the washing machine and walk away but if you really want those towels to last, there are a few additional steps you should take.

How to care for beach towels in seven easy steps

STep 1: Shake it Off

If your towel has been sitting in the sand, make sure and give it a good shake before packing it up. If possible, give it some time to dry in the sun before folding it up to bring home. The sun does an excellent job of killing any bacteria that may have been lurking in the sand.
Once dry, don’t hesitate to shake the towel several more times. No one wants their house full of sand but you also don’t want a washing machine full of sand. Over time sand in your washing machine can cause a lot of damage that can be prevented if you take the time to give your towel a good shake.

STep 2: Reuse

Beach towels may not need to be washed after every use. If you are using a beach towel by the pool it is perfectly acceptable to hang it up to dry and reuse the next day and even the next. If it is full of sand and sunscreen or has a bad smell, it should definitely be washed.

STep 3: Keep it Cool

Beach towels are made to be washed in cold water. Washing cold water uses less energy and it also helps preserve bright colors and prevent shrinking.

STep 4: Watch for Stains

Self tanner and sunscreen can leave messy stains on towels. If you notice any stains, try washing with warm water to help break down the oils and treat the spots with a pre-wash stain remover. Steer clear of any cleaners that use bleach as these can make it worse.

Sunscreen stains can be treated with a commercial rust remover. You can also try using a combination of lemon juice and salt.

STep 5: Leave the Softener on the Shelf

Fabric softener can leave behind a waxy residue on towels. When you are washing towels, whether they are bath towels or beach towels, skip the softener and use just a little detergent to keep your towels soft and fluffy.

STep 6: Air Dry

Arizona’s hot, dry air is perfect for quickly drying laundry. Allowing beach towels to air dry will keep them from wearing out. Make sure towels are completely dry before storing them for your next use.

STep 7: No Substitutes!

Good, quality beach towels might feel like an investment but you should never use bath towels on the beach. They are designed differently and will hold on to more sand and bacteria than beach towels. 

These steps will help you care for your beach towels, making them last for summers to come.

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