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How to Care for UGG Shoes


UGGs have been a hot ticket item for a couple decades and their popularity is not slowing down.

These leather slippers and boots are lined with sheep skin, making them warm and comfortable, and the neutral colors of UGGs and ease with which they can be put on and removed has made them a favorite for many people. 

The biggest issue for UGGs, from the very beginning, has always been keeping them clean. For such casual and comfortable shoes, the care of them can be daunting.

Many people choose to wear the comfy footwear outside the house, some even without socks as the cozy interior does the job of keeping their feet warm and toasty in all weather. But the leather on the exterior of UGGs easily soaks up mud, moisture and oils on the ground and their warm and cozy interior soaks up and holds onto smells too. 

If not cared for properly the exterior leather can shrink or become tough while the interior can lose its fluff and gain an unpleasant odor.

UGG as a company doesn’t sell any specific product to clean the shoes, leaving it up to the consumer to find the solution they prefer, but they do offer a few tips.

First, UGGs says their shoes should only be hand washed with a clean wet sponge. The entire exterior should be dampened while just the stain should be gently scrubbed with a leather-safe cleaning product. Scrubbing too hard can damage the leather so it is suggested to blot, not rub.

Rinse the UGGS in cold water, stuff it with paper towels to prevent any dents as it dries and allow the shoes to dry slowly, preferably indoors and away from direct sunlight.

Once the shoes are dry, gently brush the exterior suede with a suede brush to create a consistent look.

If you are an avid UGG wearer and lover, there is good news. Did you know you could bring those shoes to Legend Cleaners for cleaning? The pros at Legend Cleaners are familiar with what it takes to keep all leather and suedes looking their best. We have the tools to help remove stains and keep your UGGs feeling fresh and new.

The best part is our gentle cleaning solution can help remove smells and preserve the leather for years to come.

Leather care does take some special effort, so plan ahead to bring these kinds of products in for cleaning.

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