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How to Choose the Best Outfit for Your Job Interview

In a tough job market it’s important to nail every aspect of your next job interview. That includes not only knowing the job you’re going for, but also presenting the best version of yourself in what you wear. Generally, job interviews call for professional attire.

A nice suit, shirt and tie, dress, or skirt and blouse is best. Make sure your clothes are free of stains to maintain that professional image.

Not too loud

Avoid wearing anything that might distract from the message you want to get out to the interviewer. Bright colors or patterns may be appropriate once you have the job, but for the interview try to remain neutral. This is especially important if your interview is online as bright colors and bold fashion choices can be particularly distracting through a screen.

Not too comfortable

If the position requires a uniform or the business is more casual, it’s still a good idea to dress up. You should aim to dress up slightly more than the average employee. Your effort towards your interview outfit sends the message that you’re willing to go above and beyond in your work ethic as well—but you don’t want to be so formal that you come off as desperate or disingenuous. At a minimum you should avoid wearing shorts, sandals or a t-shirt.

Keep it simple

Accessories can add character to any outfit but it’s important to choose carefully when heading to a job interview. Often, less is more. If you talk with your hands, leave your hands free of bracelets or rings so you can express yourself comfortably and without distracting the interviewer.

How do you feel?

Pay attention to how your outfit makes you feel. If you’re not comfortable or confident with your choice, it will be reflected in the way you behave. Choose an outfit that makes you feel powerful and smart and head into that next interview ready to change your future!

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