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Is Club Soda a Good Stain Remover?


Have you ever been sitting at a meal and watched as a glass of wine is tipped over? The whole table scrambles to find a napkin and someone shouts out “Do you have any club soda?”

For years club soda has been regarded as an excellent way to fight stains but the truth is, it does not help. In fact, in some cases it can make the stain worse.

Rubbing a stain with club soda may appear to help in the beginning, but it can cause fibers to break down, leading to color loss and ruined fabrics. In some cases, like ink stains or oily stains like gravy and butter, using club soda may actually help set the stain and make the problem much worse.

So what should you do when a spill occurs at the dinner table? 

  1. Act quickly to clean up as much of the spill as possible. If you can, rinse the stain with water to help wash away what you can see. Try not to let the stain dry.
  2. Get to a trusted dry cleaner, quick. Bring that garment or expensive table cloth into a trusted dry cleaner like Legend Cleaners right away. 
  3. Let the dry cleaner know where the spill happened and what was spilled. This will help them determine the best solution to remove the stain. Some stains may appear gone but over time or when heat is applied, the stain may reappear, stronger than ever.

Club soda may still be a useful cleaning tool to have around your home but when it comes to fighting stains, there’s no replacement for a trusted, local dry cleaner. 

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