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Just keep swimming—How to care for your swimwear

Summer Time

Arizona summers call for long afternoons in the pool! Unfortunately, almost every swimsuit is made from spandex that can stretch out and break down over time with exposure to body oils, sunscreen and harsh pool chemicals. You’ve hunted all year for the perfect suit—now you need to keep it looking perfect all season long. To protect your favorite suit or bikini, follow these tips:

Rinse after use.

Always rinse out your suit after wearing it. If you’re wearing your suit outside the water, it’s likely collecting sweat and oils that can leave stains. Pools contain harsh chemicals that will quickly dry out and break down fibers if left alone. Bodies of water like lakes, rivers and oceans may not have the chemicals but they do have some strong smells that you’ll want to wash out as soon as possible. Hot tubs are the hardest on swimsuits as they contain harsh chemicals and deliver them at a high heat. Be sure and rinse your suit as soon as possible.

Wash by hand.

Swimsuits are generally considered delicate garments. They can be thrown in the washing machine, but the safest bet is to wash these items by hand. Frequent washing will break down the fabric sooner so it’s best to be gentle. After you’ve done an initial rinse, allow your suit to soak in cool water for 30 minutes to one hour and then wash gently with mild detergent. Swish it a few times in a sink and rinse. Alternatively, you could wear your suit while you rinse off your body after a swim—as long as your shower isn’t too hot.

Air dry.

Once you’ve washed your suit, squeeze out the excess water without wringing the fabric. Let it air dry indoors, away from direct sunlight. The sun may fade colors and break down the fabric. Lay the garment flat to dry, rather than hanging it.

Be careful with soaps.

A powdered detergent may not dissolve all the way when hand washing and may also not rinse all the way. You should also never use bleach on your swimsuit.

Avoid self-tanner.

Self-tanner is a tricky stain to remove, especially from this fabric. If you want to apply a faux tan, choose an older suit that you don’t mind staining. If you do manage to get self-tanner or even sunscreen on your suit, try removing the stain with a drip of dish soap.

Avoid rough surfaces.

Stretchy fibers catch easily on rough surfaces which can quickly lead to pilling and make your swimsuit look worn out. Instead of sitting directly on the pool deck, lay a towel down to sit on.

Rotate your styles.

If you love to be in the water, we recommend finding a few suits you love and rotating their use. Give your suit a break to clean and dry between uses.

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