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Prepare Your Home for the Big Game

big game

The Super Bowl is in town! That’s great news for Phoenix, but chances are unless you have excellent connections, you will still be watching the game from home. 

That’s OK! There are still some things you can do to make your home party memorable and fun for everyone–and hopefully not too stressful for you. Here are a few of our best tips:

Dress it up

If you have to watch from home, you can at least make it more fun by helping your guests get in the spirit. Small touches like turf coasters and themed snacks make the whole party more fun. If you’re a strong supporter of one side, invest in some team-themed decor as well!

It’s also a great time to be outdoors in Phoenix–which is why the game is here in the first place. Is there any opportunity to move your party outdoors? Go for it!

Ask Your Guests to Contribute

Every good Super Bowl party needs plenty of snacks but no one says you have to be the one providing all of them. Ask your guests to each bring an appetizer to share. If you are worried about having too much of one thing, narrow your ask down to one category. Ask your guests to each bring a type of dip or a savory appetizer. If your sweet tooth is strong maybe you ask each guest to bring a cookie. Whatever it is, asking them to bring something will give them more incentive to be there.

Add Some Interest

Of course everyone will be caring about the outcome of the game but adding in a few additional games will take the fun over the top. Have your guests create a bingo card for the halftime show or place some friendly bets on the most tackles, passes or interceptions. Offer a price for the guest who shows the most team spirit. These smaller competitions can be fun for everyone–even if they don’t really understand football.

Don’t Forget the Logistics

Any time you are throwing a party there are plenty of little details you don’t want to miss but there are extra details to think about when alcohol, messy snacks and a TV program combine. Plan ahead for a designated driver for your guests, plenty of paper towels and napkins and even a backup plan for your screen and streaming.

Don’t forget about a plan for clean up too!

You may want to think about bringing in some professionals to help clean your house and carpets after the part. And if your favorite jersey gets hit with a tough stain – that’s where Legend Cleaners comes in. Just schedule a free pickup and delivery with us and we can take it from there!

Legend Dry Cleaners has been serving the community of Ahwatukee since 1999, and has expanded into the Phoenix communities of Chandler, Maricopa, Mesa, Tempe and coming soon to Gilbert! We offer exceptional eco-friendly dry cleaning, laundry, wash/dry/fold, wedding dress & gown cleaning, and alterations in Arizona. Our East Valley locations have free pickup & delivery and 24-hour drop boxes. For more information call: (480) 460-5343

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