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Steam vs dry cleaning. Which is best?

Steaming Dry Cleaning

You were probably thrilled when Santa brought you a beautiful new outfit but if the cost of regular dry cleaning has you hesitant to wear it too often, don’t fret! A simple at home steamer can help. There are several benefits to using steam to clean your clothes.

Gentle on fabrics

Some dry clean only garments might survive a trip in the washing machine but over time they’ll begin to lose their shape and wear out the fabric. Steam is a gentle alternative. Simply hang the clothes on a plastic hanger and allow the steam to remove wrinkles and kill bacteria without damaging the fabric. Just be sure the heat isn’t too high for the fabric to handle.

Steam kills odors

That’s right, steam kills a lot of bacteria, actually, and it’s bacteria that causes odors. You can use steam after each wear to prevent bacteria and odors from clinging to your clothes.

Removes stains

The steam alone may not remove a stain but it can be a helpful tool in getting rid of small spots or spills. Pre-treat the fabric with a stain remover and blast it with some steam to replace the dye with fresh water.

Reduces wrinkles

No ironing is necessary when you steam your clothes regularly. Steam naturally relaxes the fibers in your fabrics and helps dissolve wrinkles. Leave them hanging to ensure a fresh finish each time.

Steam vs. Dry Cleaning

Steam is all natural and doesn’t require any soaps or detergents which may irritate your skin. And although steaming your clothes is a great option to extend the time between washes, it’s not a complete replacement for good dry cleaning.

Steaming does require some patience as each piece must be done individually and it may not be a solution to every stain. The good news is, there are multiple ways to take care of your new garments. Our free pickup and delivery makes it easier than ever!

Unlike some dry cleaners, Legend Cleaners is a hazardous chemical free dry cleaner. When you trust the professionals at Legend Cleaners you can rest easy knowing all your favorite outfits will receive the attention and care they need to last for years to come. We know just how to handle your most challenging fabrics and how to remove tough stains too.

Legend Dry Cleaners has been serving the community of Ahwatukee since 1999, and has expanded into the Phoenix communities of Chandler, Maricopa, Mesa, Tempe and coming soon to Gilbert! We offer exceptional eco-friendly dry cleaning, laundry, wash/dry/fold, wedding dress & gown cleaning, and alterations in Arizona. Our East Valley locations have free pickup & delivery and 24-hour drop boxes. For more information call: (480) 460-5343

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