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Tips for Creating the Perfect Homework Zone


There aren’t many kids who get excited about doing homework. They work all day at school and then once they get home all they want to do is relax and zone out. We all can relate!

However, homework is an important part of learning and can help kids remember and practice all they learned throughout the day. The trick is finding a way to make it more enjoyable!

While you may not be able to create the perfect Zen bubble your child needs to get their homework done right away, there are some organization tips that can help:

#1: Choose a Quiet Spot

It’s obvious that you want to make the space where your child goes to do homework as distraction free as possible. If it’s not possible to be completely quiet, maybe you can try adding some quiet music to drown out other noises or using a room divider to lessen visual distractions.

#2: Keep the Supplies Handy

Many elementary school assignments require colors, scissors, glue and other supplies to make their homework complete. If possible, keep these supplies in an easy to reach spot that your child can quickly find. This will help them stay on task and also reduce unnecessary frustration.

#3: Set a Timer

Timers are a handy tool for keeping kids on task, especially if they struggle to stay motivated. You can use a timer to see if they can keep working for a set period of time before taking a break or make it a game to see how much they can get done within five minutes. Can they beat it in the next five minutes?

#4: Keep it Comfy

Whatever space you choose to use as your homework station, make sure to keep it free from clutter. It’s also a great idea to add whatever touches will make the space a happy place to be for your child. Do they love to sit on some comfy pillows? Is their favorite blanket nearby?

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