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Vinegar in your laundry? Why you might give it a try


If you’re looking to soften fabrics, get rid of odors and brighten clothes, look no further than simple white vinegar.  This simple and household chemical is more powerful than you thought. Here are a few ways it can benefit your laundry:

No harsh chemicals needed

One ½ cup of vinegar in your washing machine can replace any other detergent. It’s also hypoallergenic and more earth friendly than most detergents you can buy at the store.

Vinegar breaks up stains and won’t cause new ones.

Unlike bleach, vinegar won’t cause colors to fade or disappear completely. It also naturally removes soap buildup which can cause yellowing on white fabrics and fading on dark fabrics. It’s often used to brighten colors.

Removes odors

Vinegar is known to neutralize odors and can even combat tough smells like pets and smoke.

Reduces static

Pet hair and dust can’t cling with less static. This results in softer, lighter feeling fabrics.

Clean the machine

Vinegar not only removes soap build up from your clothes but it can help wash your machine too. Your machine collects a lot of dirt and grime as it cleans your clothes. Letting it run with a cup of vinegar can help fight that grime that can cause odors if left untreated.

While vinegar is a useful tool it may not be the best solution for every situation. It’s best to dilute it when using it and use only white or apple cider vinegar.

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