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Why should you dry clean your comforter?

why clean a comforterIf you’re washing your sheets weekly you may feel like your bed is clean, but how often do you think about all the dust and sweat your comforter may have collected?

As bedding sits from day to day it’s bound to collect some dust and allergens. You can keep your home sanitary and comfortable by planning to have those items cleaned regularly.

A good rule to follow is to clean your comforter, and all other bedding, whenever the seasons change.

Deep cleaning your comforter, pillow shams, bed skirts, duvet covers and even curtains removes germs and dust and prevents allergies. Many people shy away from these deep cleaning jobs because often these items don’t fit in a regular washing machine, or they may end up losing their shape or color if not washed properly.

You can trust the experts at Legend Cleaners to get all these household items clean without ruining the fabric. Bring your items in today!

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